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Backrest Support Driver’s Seat Cushion

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Product Description

Premium driver's seat cushion brings ObusForme's renowned backrest technology to a low pro le automotive design.

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated backrest frame conforms to the natural shape of your back, providing supportive comfort and helping to maintain proper posture
  • Adjustable lumbar pad provides personalized comfort and support
  • 8 massage motors and multiple pre-programmed options offer customizable massage for thighs, upper, middle and/or lower back
  • LED touchpad controller stores neatly in integrated pocket
  • Seat heater enhances comfort in cold weather
  • Breathable mesh fabric allows cooling air flow through cushion
  • 3-way auto shut-off safety features
  • Included 12 volt DC and 110 volt AC adaptors for use in both automotive and home environments
Usage Description

ObusForme® Massage products are designed to provide you with a luxurious, soothing massage.